SGI Inspection Station

Hope Mechanical and Hydraulics is an SGI Certified vehicle inspection station. Conveniently located at 129 Minard Rd in Weyburn SK. The inspection program reviews vehicle condition. It ensures that vehicles are maintained to the safety standards required by law. Inspections can discover current or potential issues. Issues affecting the safe operation of the vehicle or trailer. Certification is required to register vehicles not previously registered in Saskatchewan. SGI or enforcement officers have the authority to require a safety inspection. Hope Mechanical and Hydraulics can provide inspections and certifications.

Our shop is certified for these types of vehicles:

  • Heavy truck
  • Mid-sized truck
  • Power unit
  • Semi-trailer
  • Trailer

Failure to have inspections done within a required period has potential consequences. Your registration and insurance could be cancelled. Proof of inspection and needed repair completion will be required. Otherwise, registration and insurance renewal will be denied. It all comes down to safety. Dealing with multi-ton vehicles leaves no room for error. Hope Mechanical and Hydraulics is committed to safety. We share the roads; we must also share the responsibility to be safe.

SGI inspection