All equipment and machinery will eventually need repair. Nothing lasts forever. Fear not, Hope Mechanical and Hydraulics exists for that very purpose. We might not be good at farming or drilling for oil, but we are good at repairing equipment. Some repairs are done in our shop, some are done where the equipment is located. Hope Mechanical and Hydraulics can provide repairs where and when it works best for you. Sometimes repairs can be made during downtime. Other times they are needed quickly to restore production. Speak with our staff about scheduling repairs. Our journeyman mechanics will get any repair done right.

Some of the repair services that we provide:

  • Drivetrain and suspension
  • Engine rebuilds
  • Computer diagnostics and electrical repairs
  • Hydraulic testing and repair
  • Tractors and trailers
  • Farm equipment
  • Oilfield equipment

Our mobile repair capability is valued by many of our customers. Having a large, vital piece of equipment repaired on-site can make all the difference. We invite you to talk with us about our mobile repair capabilities. It might be perfectly suited for your requirements.

repairs on engine